How to Use Cabto to Book Meru Cabs?


Are you getting late for your business meetings or train timings or parties regularly? Then this is time to download and install the newly arrived cab booking app from your mobile phones.


“Cabto,” Do you heard this word before? If not then this article is for you. Cabto is nothing but an mobile app that helps you to book rental cabs to reach your destination that includes your office, railway station, airport, shopping malls, movie theatres and more.

How to Use Cabto to Book Meru Cabs

By using Cabto app you can

  • Know all rental cabs in your nearby that are ready to go for a ride without entering your present location as it detects your location automatically.
  • View the estimated rental amount and compare taxi fare for all rental cabs providers on a single screen.
  • Know your Estimated Time of Arrival.
  • Avoid paying extra bucks with Surge Indicator.
  • Book all major rental cab providers in Bangalore (like Meru, OLA, Taxi for Sure, Easy cabs and Uber).
  • Book cabs fastly even with slow internet connection.
  • Login with your Facebook account.

Tips to Book Meru Cabs:

Here is the booking guide for Cabto beginners to book Meru cabs. Follow this guide to book Meru cabs easily with the Cabto app.

  • As mentioned earlier it comes with automatic location system, so it will list all the rental cabs (including Meru cabs) that are ready to go for a ride once you open the app.
  • Then mention your destination in the app to know the cabs with its rental fare, ETA, compare cab prices and the detail about surcharge.
  • Then choose an affordable cab provider by entering your login credentials to reach your destination.

Book Meru with these simple steps and enjoy riding!!!

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How to avoid Negative Marking in IBPS Exam?


Negative marking is a major hurdle for many candidates those who are taking the competitive exams and that includes IBPS exam too. Because it makes more candidates to lose their jobs by a low margin of marks. So i write this article for those candidates who lose their jobs  by getting negative marks and I hope this article will also help the newbies to avoid negative marking while taking IBPS exams or you can also join in any Bank Exams training in Chennai to train better for taking IBPS exams.


Don’t Waste your Time by Solving Unsure Question:

All of us are having the habit of reading all question at first before start writing the exams. By reading it you can find both the well-known and unsure questions, hence make a note of unknown question and leave it for later. First find answers for all known questions, don’t waste your precious time in solving doubted questions at first, it will make you tensed and lower your confidence level.

But don’t leave too many question unsolved it will lower your cut off mark. If you feel uncomfortable to find answers for all questions then you may consider to join in best bank coaching centre in Chennai to get proper training.

Be Focused while Copying the Units:

Most candidates does this mistake while taking the Quantitative Aptitude (data interpretation questions). So be careful while copying the values from the screen to the rough paper, if you copy the wrong values then the answer will be wrong and it will result in negative marks.

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Top 10 Indian Banks in Top 500 Global Banking List


Today in our Indian banking sector there are a number of banks but a very few of them are popular among the world. Some of our Indian banks were also proved themselves that they have also the potential which can also beat the foreign banks or gives them a good competition.

Brand Finance PLC, U.K based brand Evaluation Company has released the Brand Finance Global Baking 500. This list of them gives us the comprehensive details of all the banks across the world. They listed them on the basis of their methodology. The methodology is not only based on the Brand Evaluation but also towards Brand related.

Only HSBC and American Express have got the AAA credit rating. The AAA rating is the highest rating a bank or a company will receive. It indicates the company’s credit worthiness which is almost similar to doing trade with that company or just predicting the future business. Very few companies will achieved this rating. The highest rating an Indian bank can get in the list is AA for State Bank Of India. State Bank Of India IFSC code is used by the account holders while transferring money.

Two Indian banks, HDFC and State Bank Of India (SBI) now figure in a list of top 50 global banks in terms of market capitalism. HDFC Bank, it is the India’s second largest private lender in terms of assets size, its ranking is 45th with a market capitalism of $39 billion. And with a market capitalism of $38 billion State Bank Of India has got the 46th rank in the list. And last but not the least; ICICI bank got the 53rd ranking. It is the only Indian entity to figure in the list of the top 100 most valued global banks.

State Bank Of India Reaches Its Peak:

Only HSBC, Bank of America and Wells Fargo have got the top raking in the list. The Indian bank which got the top ranking in the list was State Bank Of India at 69 position. Its rank was 60 in 2008 because the valuation is done for the group of all the State Banks. And after that in 2009 valuation is done under SBI alone.

Other than SBI, another Indian bank which is come forward was ICICI bank. The next bank which is in the list is ICICI and has the largest private sector lender. ICICI has witnessed a steep decline in its ranking. It was ranked 64 in 2008 and now its ranked 104. Its ranking is third Indian bank in the global banking list. ICICI bank IFSC code is 11 digit code used for fund transferring.

List Of the 17 Indian Banks in the Global 500:

  1. State Bank Of India
  2. HDFC Bank
  3. ICICI Bank
  4. Punjab National Bank
  5. Bank Of India
  6. Canara Bank
  7. Bank Of Baroda
  8. Axis Bank
  9. Kotak Bank
  10. Union Bank Of India
  11. Indian Overseas Bank
  12. IDBI Bank Limited
  13. State Bank Of Patiala
  14. Indian Bank
  15. Power Finance Corp.
  16. Oriental Bank Of Commerce
  17. Syndicate Bank

Here on Indian bank details you got all the information about the all Indian banks. Find IFSC codes and much more.

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10 Most Effective Method To Keep Your Bike From Getting Stolen


Have you ever thought to keep your bike safer?

Have you ever wander how to protect it from getting stolen?

Then you landed on the exact page. Here are the 10 most effective ways to safeguard your bike.

There are plenty of bicycle locks available in the market and choosing the right one is a scary task. The problem is the wrong choice can lead to terrible consequences.

Bicycle thefts becomes common, so it is advisable to use the right bicycle lock to prevent them when you are away.

  1. Be careful about link locks that are effortlessly hacked with wire cutters. They may be sufficient to prevent passing robbery and sharks, however they are incapable against prepared cheats.
  2. Constantly bring your bicycle inside during the evening time. It might be a bother to drag it up a flight of stairs, however numerous bicycles are stolen during the evening on the grounds that there are lesserears and eyes around to stop cheats.
  3. A few locks (even links) are superior to any locks. The more troublesome you may make it hope to take your bicycle, the less is a cheat will need to bother with it.
  4. Never bolt your bicycle to the tree.It can harm the tree, as well as any tree that is sufficiently little to fit a Ulock and is sufficiently little for criminals to slice through rapidly. We have witnessed it ordinarily.
  5. Park your bicycle with different bicycles when you bolt it up. In the event that you have a decent quality locking mechanism and different cyclists have poorer security, their bicycles will be focused on first.
  6. Don’t forget to freeze your wheels and your saddle. Fast discharges and hex jolts make it simple for cheats to grab these parts. Cable locks have their place as an assistant to a U-lock for locking the wheels.
  7. Lock up your bicycles even inside your carport, and make certain that they are bolted to some altered point like a channel or a cross beam. Individuals imagine that once it is in your carport it is sheltered. Be that as it may, that is music to cheats ears, in light of the fact that gaining access to a carport can be simple, and after that all the toys are ready for whoever gets there first.
  8. Keep a document on the greater part of your bicycles that incorporates receipts, serial numbers, and photographs. What’s more, enroll every bicycle in an across the country database like the National Bike Registry so it can be come back to you on the off chance that it is ever stolen and recouped.
  9. Consider putting resources into a GPS beacon, for example, the Helios handlebar, the Spot Trace, or the anticipated BikeTrak.
  10. On Strava and other social wellness stages, cover your precise area to open clients. Astute criminals have been known not homes by following competitors who transfer every now and again.
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Third Party Application Integration In LinkedIn


LinkedIn is flexible in its approach and that is the reason it has allowed third party application in its platform. The platform of LinkedIn only wants to provide the best opportunity to its users, therefore it makes sure that it has everything that its users want. It is a good idea to enhance the profile’s educational information. It will help you gain the attention of various other users who use this platform of LinkedIn.


All this activity can be completed only if you are good at projecting yourself in the right light and that can be achieved with the use of third party applications that are made available by LinkedIn only. You can also get cheap LinkedIn followers to start the run on a winning note. The applications that are present in here are

  • Slideshare
  • BlogLink
  • Company Buzz

These are some of the third party apps that you can make use of in case you are trying to get the most out of this platform.

Different uses of these applications

All these applications come with distinct features and are helpful in projecting your business in right light. Blogging is always a great way of connecting with your customers because through this you will be able to inform your consumers what you are doing and also give out tutorials about how to use your product or some tips on how to improve your business, etc.

So in order to do just that and much more BlogLink comes into action on the platform of LinkedIn. It actually displays all you’re your latest blogs on your profile so that it is read by most of your users. If you have a good amount of followers in LinkedIn then you definitely want them to follow your blogs and that is the reason BlogLink is up there to help you out.

If you do not want to post the whole story out there instead upload only the link, then you can make use of It will help you in creating links for the files like marketing kits and resumes. There are members in LinkedIn who feel that it is not a good idea to write down a resume on the profile page only. Moreover, you won’t be able to get the format right tool for your resume therefore if you update the link to your resume then it will be much more appealing. You will also be able to update all the detailed information out there if you want.

Slideshare is one of the important application that you can make use of. It is mainly because Slideshare will turn your contents into interesting slide share and present it to your customers. Even demos can be uploaded out there as well for the benefit of your users.

It is quite natural that your company name will be mentioned along with various other assigned topics in twitter. Therefore this particular third party application which is known as company buzz helps in scraping twitter for all these mentions.

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Steps To Take While Hosting Your Website With HostGator


If your website is new or if you are looking for a new website to host your existing website, it can be hard to figure out the right type of hosting plans that you can use. Even if it can be daunting task, it is good to know the right steps to take while looking for the best webhosting company.

Steps To Take While Hosting Your Website With HostGator

Choose a name of your domain and register it

You have to decide first about the domain name that you want to use. It is always good to have enough time while deciding on a domain name. A domain name has to be descriptive and it has to explain about the website while it has to be spelt well. After choosing the name, you need to have it registered. This is not a complicated process since you will only have to follow the instruction given while making sure that you are entering the domain name in correct way.

You should then visit the HostGator website and register for any type of the hosting plan you want. It is important for you if you should figure out or explore the type of the plan which is suitable in your case while taking into account the goals and the future needs you have for your website. If you are planning to have more than just one blog in the future, you have to choose the plan that will let you achieve this in the future.
When you have already paid for the plan you want, you will get the email that confirms that you have bought the plan. You are also going to get the information about your account which you have to save so that you can use them in the future.

If you have finished registering the domain name, then you should decide on the nameservers such the custom name servers which mean that you are going to host the domain name that you already have. You can open the email you got from the HostGator to learn about your name servers. You should then replace the nameserver from the name server number 1. You will need to use the first value that it is found with the HostGator. When you have finished other things, you will only click on the end the process.

HostGator offers the most affordable and reliable plans

If you are not sure that you are doing the right thing to choose the HostGator service, you can compare other services offered by other web hosting companies. You can always take advantages of the trial period where you can get your money back if you are not happy with the services you get. Also using the HostGator discount coupon codes, you can get their hosting pretty cheaply.

If you are looking for a cheap web hosting services for your website, you should not look far away from the HostGator. You can still enjoy their promotions and coupons that help you to save more.

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Top Ten Perfect Movies For The Viewers


Movies are liked and viewed by everyone. As a matter of fact, movies are good source of entertainment for the people. It is believed that movies provide affordable entertainment at home as well as theatre. People love to visit the cinemas and theaters to enjoy the latest movies. It is recommended to see the list of top ten best movies. Do you have any information? Let’s see the list of top ten perfect movies right now (Note: For more interesting lists about movies, visit today).

Top Ten Perfect Movies For The Viewers

  1. Birdman: Recently, this movie won the Oscar Award. This movie is related to Michael Keaton who hates to be known as a comic book hero. The cast of this movie is really dynamic because of the Naomi watts, Emma stone and Edward Norton. You must watch this movie tonight.
  2. Wild Tales: This movie is related to story of a woman. This movie received the best movie awards in 2015. It is required to watch this movie in order to see the plane crash. Basically, the story is related to plane hijacking.
  3. Citizen Four: This movie is famous among the IT experts and professionals. The story is related to the junk emails. A character (Edward Snowden) keeps sending encrypted emails to a filmmaker. These emails were important because of the national security data.
  4. Night crawler: Do you love thrill movies? Night Crawler is a scary movie about a special creature. Watching this movie needs attention and a big heart. This movie is not recommended for kids and heart patients.
  5. Jodorowsky’s Dune: A perfect movie for the science fiction lovers. This movie is related to a spaceship wondering in space. It is an ideal selection of the people who want to see latest technologies and weapons.
  6. Goodbye to language: This is an artistic movie. This movie is being more and more popular because of the interesting layout and theme. It is recommended to watch this movie if you love to find the real taste of 3D movies.
  7. Lucy: It is an outstanding movie for the viewers. This movie is famous because of the famous characters but there is a special message hidden in this movie. It explains how a lady develops 100 % mind efficiency and control after taking a serious drug.
  8. The Lego movie: Best for the animated movie lovers. This movie is a real name of fun and entertainment. You must watch this movie with kids and family.
  9. Boyhood: This is a classic art movie. This production is being more famous in the world because of the excellent theme and acting.
  10. The grand Budapest hotel: Well, it is another horror movie for the viewer. This movie explains the situation of a popular hotel in 1930. You must watch it as soon as possible.
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Bacterial And Viral Diseases – What Is A Sore Throat?


A sore throat is rather a common sickness. Also called pharyngitis, sore throat is caused by a viral or bacterial infection. Most people will normally have a common cold accompanied by a sore throat. And when you develop Pharyngitis, you might also have tonsillitis or swollen tonsils. Additionally, your neck glands might swell and become painful. As a result of this, you might have discomfort when swallowing food, saliva or anything else.

Sore Throat

Bacterial or viral causes

When your sore throat is triggered by bacteria or virus, there is likelihood that you will have symptoms of common infectious diseases. These include the following.

  • Serious fatigue and ache in the muscles
  • High fever
  • Cough
  • Headache
  • Runny nose

Duration of a sore throat

According to research that was done in the UK, among people who went to see their GP because of a sore throat, roughly fifty percent of all cases had slightly bad sore throat symptoms. These symptoms were seen about a week after catching a disease. In eighty percent of cases that were reported, patients had moderately bad signs of a sore throat that disappeared after ten days.
When to see your GP

If you notice that you have very high fever of about thirty-eight degrees Celcius, seek medical help. This is particularly if you have noticed this high fever for several days and it does not go down after taking medicine. In case your symptoms do not disappear or improve within seven days, make an appointment with your doctor immediately. Epiglottitis, a disease that is accompanied by inflammation of the epiglottis can cause constantly high fever.

Epiglottitis is a tissue at the back of the throat, just below your tongue. When it swells and reddens it could cause breathing difficulties and high fever. An abscess, also called quinsy, is a collection of pus between the wall of your throat and the back of the tonsil. It is triggered by serious tonsillitis disease. As your sore throat could be caused by the above two conditions, you should see a doctor.
Treating pharyngitis

As you will agree, sore throats are pretty common. Some kids, even teenagers, get a sore throat every other month. It is because young people have very little resistance to diseases as their immunity is not strong enough. Sore throats are triggered by plenty of viruses and bacteria. They are usually not life-threatening and may heal without medical treatment. It does not mean that pharingitis does not cause any pain though.

It depends on how severe your disease is. You may have to use painkillers such as ibuprofen and paracetamol to alleviate your pain. Some people who believe in herbal or holistic cures tend to treat sore throats at home. Antibiotics are not given for a sore throat. They are only prescribed when the symptoms are so severe and the patient is in danger of catching a more serious infection.

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Different Methods Used To Improve The Traffic To Your Site


If you are a business owner or a marketer, there are many things that you can do to get more customers. The first thing on the wish list of the owner of the website is getting the traffic; you will find that there are many ways that you may improve the traffic to your website.

Different Methods Used To Improve The Traffic To Your Site


This is obvious and you can attract the traffic through social media advertising and paid search or display the advertisement in other places. In this way you will be building your brand and you will bring more people to your site. You may adjust the paid strategies so that they may suit your own goals such as getting traffic or increasing the conversion. Every paid channel is going to have its benefits and drawbacks. You should always consider everything about a certain method before you decide to pay for it. If you do not only want the traffic but you also want to make sales, then you should use the keywords that are intended to sell. Even if search terms may have fierce competitions, they will always pay off.

Be Available on the Social Media

Even if you may have a great content and you are looking for the people to find it easily, you will have to be proactive. The best way that you may increase the traffic to the site is promoting your content to the social media. You can use Twitter if you have snappy and short links where Google promotion is going to help you in promoting the site in your search results. This is going to be effective for B2B business. In case you are a B2C product company, you will get the best attention in heavy image social sites such as Instagram or Pinterest.

Use Different Methods

You will not have any magic formula for the success of the content marketing. This is why you should vary the format and the length of the content so that they may appeal to many readers. You can intersperse long for and short from content together with data driven pieces, infographics, and video to get maximum impact.

Use the Best Headlines

The headlines are most of the time important part of the content. Even without compelling the headlines, even the best blog may not be read. You have to master the art of writing the headlines. You should always be careful about the type of the heading you have before you publish your content.

Pay more Attention to the On-page SEO

If you think that the SEO has died, you will have to think again. It is important to optimize the content to get the search engines and this is going to be a valuable practice. While creating the new content, always remember about the internal links.

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Your Hairs Need Protection


Most of the won’t take their hairs issues that seriously and as a result, they start getting hair fall. Hairs are as sensitive as other parts of the body. However the growth may vary with different portions of the body. Like beard will grow faster than the head hairs. But if you want to get your hair look fresh and strong you need to protect your hair first. Try to shampoo the hairs twice a week because hairs need nourishment. There are a number of other ways to get the nourishment of hairs, like you can use hair oils as well as they are readily available in different forms. Hairs oils with natural herbs are best for hairs because you don’t want your hair to have any negative kind of impact.

Your Hairs Need Protection

Therefore, it is advised that you must go for a type of oil that has the maximum number of natural ingredients in it. You must examine your hair carefully and on a regular basis too. Try to monitor the results, you head skin is just like the other skin on the body. The skin can be of various types. If you have a dry skin, then you have to make it dehydrated because hairs need hydrated skin to be developed with full strength. Dehydrated skin won’t be able to provide nourishment to the hairs as a result hair will get dry and ultimately gets weaker and weaker. Drink as much water as you can because it is not only important for proper functioning of the body, but also for the development of the hairs. Blood circulation is one of the factors that can enhance the hair growth.

Is there anything you don to improve blood circulation?

Blood circulation in the body should be good, when it comes to human hairs, circulation of the blood is very important, with blood all the nutrients must reach the head hairs. The most important thing is whenever you apply anything on your hair, make it sure you use fingertips to massage the head skin. When you massage the head skin with the fingertips, it helps blood circulation to be more efficient, hence helping the hairs to get more nourishment. Patience is one the major factors that have a definite role to play.

You cannot have the hair perfection within hours. It will take some time to get the hairs back to the normal position and growth. It is recommended that you must have to wait for a two to three weeks in order to get the results. Even after weeks of treatment you don’t get the results, then you can either change the hair product or can consult a hair specialist because you may have any other issues related to hair diseases.

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